The benefits of adoption and why you shouldn’t rush the process

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – There’s a day for everything and Friday April 30 is a big day for local animal shelters.

It’s Adopt a Pet Shelter Day!

To celebrate, Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center is offering halfway adoptions for the weekend.

The shelter’s operations supervisor, Jessica Wilde, told News 3 the shelter has dogs, cats and other animals, like pet rats, available.

But don’t let the weekend deal push you into a decision. After all, bringing a new pet into your home is a big deal.

“Be open to meeting animals, make matchmaker dates that a lot of shelters offer, and wait and see which one really connects you,” she says.

According to Wilde, one of the benefits of adoption is giving a permanent home to an animal that has already lost a home. Adoption fees are also generally affordable, $ 132 for dogs and $ 65 for cats in Virginia Beach, with spays, neutrals, and shots included.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wilde said shelter numbers were at historically low levels, with families stuck at home looking to mix things up with new pets.

Now that people are returning to work and school, some animals are home alone for longer periods of time and, according to Wilde, this can lead to behavioral issues. She says that at the moment, the Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center is concerned about an influx of returns.

She says families with pets shouldn’t wait until the last second to adjust their pets.

“Start early. Start before your first day back. Implement a workout at the cash register or familiarize them with the house during certain times. You can find toys occupied or chew on toys and put them back, ”Wilde said.

Ultimately, it’s about giving a once homeless animal a place where they can find love for their entire life.

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